The Fifth Staff Skills Competition Commendation Conference


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On May 15, 2024, the 5th Staff Skills Competition Summary and Recognition Meeting of Dongtai Company and Ruige Company was held in Ruige Company.

After two days of fierce competition, 142 employees participated passionately, and 32 winners were produced in the competition of 13 professional groups! Among them, the third place is 7, the second place is 12 and the first place is 13.

The competition in this competition is unprecedentedly fierce. Compared with the first place in each group in 2023, only 5 people successfully defended the title in the 2024 competition, and the remaining first place was won by the newcomers. "Compare learning to help surpass, and constantly break the goal", high-skilled employees continue to emerge, the company's echelon construction has begun to bear fruit, and the company's training system has achieved initial success.

A total of 7 people won the third place in the skills competition

A total of 12 people won the second place in the skills competition

A total of 13 people won the first place in the skills competition

There are 5 people who have won the first place in the last competition.

This competition not only awarded bonuses, medals, and certificates to the award-winning employees, but also awarded the "Grand Title" to the employees who won the first place, and awarded the announcement in their jobs.

The team leader led the team to welcome the hero in triumph.

This competition is the persistent pursuit of the skills of the participating employees and the unremitting exploration of perfection. It is not only a competition of skills, but also a baptism of spirit. The contestants show their value with their practical actions. They are the example for us to learn from and the goal for us to catch up.

I hope that all employees in the future, with these excellent employees as the goal, continue to learn job knowledge, in-depth study of job skills, in their respective positions to achieve self-worth, for personal achievements, for the value of the company to create a brilliant tomorrow.