Respecting Teachers and Respecting Tao and Inheriting Originality- Acquainting and Worshiping Ceremony


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With the successful completion of the first phase of the third phase of Ruige's lathe training project, a solemn and meaningful ceremony of apprenticeship came as scheduled, marking the second stage of the third phase of the lathe training project. The purpose of this ceremony is to build a sacred bridge, connect the heart of master and apprentice, and inherit the spirit of craftsmen.

Master and apprentice photo

The ceremony first emphasizes the respect and worship of teachers and the promotion of social values of respecting teachers. Before this solemn prelude, the chairman and general manager of Ruige Company, the leader of Ruige Company, personally awarded eight teachers who will shoulder the heavy responsibility of inheritance with letters of appointment and flowers. This is not only the supreme affirmation of their excellent teaching ability, but also a heavy mission for them: the way of teaching, the responsibility of dispelling doubts, and the responsibility of cultivating talents. This moment is not only a coronation of honor, but also a responsibility.

Issuance of Letter of Appointment

In a quiet and expectant atmosphere, the activity assistants handed out paper labels with serial numbers to the master and the apprentice respectively. The master and the apprentice independently filled in the mysterious number that determines their future counterparts according to their inner resonance. Every stroke down, is the soul and wisdom to attract each other softly call. This is not only a simple choice, but also a mutual claim in the depths of the soul, which has made a beautiful fable about growth and inheritance.

Master and apprentice hand in hand

In the solemn and warm ceremony, the apprentice slowly moved forward, holding the teacup with respect and enthusiasm in both hands, and facing the master, he launched a deep emotional gift.

First bow deep, thanks to the master's careful cultivation;

Bow again, I will work hard and study hard;

Three bows, a total of vow through thick and thin, ambition thousands of miles.

This is not only the follow of traditional etiquette, but also the highest respect for the inheritance of knowledge and the shaping of personality, showing the purest and noblest emotional bond between master and apprentice.


Returning to their seats, the master and apprentice slowly unfolded the carefully prepared letter of commitment, touching the paper with the tip of the pen, not only engraving the ink, but also deeply imprinting each other's trust and commitment. Afterwards, the master and apprentice stood one after another, and the content of the letter of commitment was read out forcefully. Each word carried the vision and determination for the future common learning journey.

The apprentice read the letter of commitment

Master read out the letter of commitment

Then, a detailed and thoughtful teaching plan and apprentice growth manual were distributed to every master and apprentice, vowing to strictly implement it to ensure that every voyage of teaching and learning can reach a new field of knowledge and skills.

At the teacher worship ceremony, General Manager Xi Bin affectionately reviewed some unforgettable past events with his master. This is not only a warm recollection of the personal teacher-apprentice friendship, but also a deeper meaning to convey to all the people present the traditional virtues of respecting teachers and the deep inheritance power of teacher-apprentice affection. I hope that every participant can draw strength from it, do not have more skills, cherish the relationship between teacher and apprentice, and write their own wonderful chapter together.

General Xi's Speech

At the meeting, Chairman Wang Zhidong emphasized: As a master, you must not only impart superb skills and rich experience to your apprentices without reservation, but more importantly, you must be a guide in their lives. Your words and deeds will have a profound impact on the next generation. The character of craftsmen is shaped. While imparting skills, we must pay more attention to cultivating their professionalism. No matter how skilled they are, they are not supported by good moral character, in the end, it is difficult to become a big tool.

As an apprentice, it means choosing humility and tenacity, choosing the long road of double cultivation in skill and morality. You should ask for advice with an open mind and study diligently, not only in terms of skills, but also in terms of life attitude and professional ethics. Remember, quantitative change causes qualitative change, and every seemingly trivial exercise is a solid step towards excellence. Quality determines height. Excellent character and works are equally important. They are your business cards for walking in the world in the future.

I hope every master and apprentice can achieve something extraordinary in the future, add luster to our enterprise and industry, and contribute value to the society.

Chairman's Speech

At the end of the ceremony, the camera shutter rang gently, fixing the beauty and solemnity of this moment. Master and apprentice stand side by side, with a warm and firm smile. This group photo is not only a testimony of today's promise, but also the best memorial for not forgetting the original intention and determined to move forward when looking back in the future.