Ruige Transmission Company Launches Party Day Activities with the Theme of "Learning Party History, Enjoyment and Discipline"


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In order to vigorously carry forward the great party-building spirit and carry out party discipline study and education in a solid and effective manner,Ruige Transmission Company Party BranchThe theme of "learning party history, inscription party kindness and abiding by party discipline" was organized on the afternoon of July 2.carried out to celebrate the founding of the party103 anniversary theme party day activities. Revisit the oath of joining the Party through the organization and watch red movies.,Concentrated learning,after-school examSuch as a series of activities, education and guidance of all party members Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission, strengthen ideals and beliefs, enhance the awareness of party spirit, strengthen the sense of discipline, and strive to build new achievements on the new journey.

Revisiting the Party Oath

Watch the Red Movie

concentrate on studying party discipline regulations

after-school organization examination