The 5th Staff Skills Competition


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On April 29, 2024, Henan Ruige Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. and Henan Dongtai Gear Co., Ltd. "The Fifth Employee Skills Competition" kicked off in Ruige Company.

Opening Ceremony of the Fifth Staff Skills Competition

Opening Speech by Chairman Wang Zhidong

Speech by Xi Bin, Head of the Competition Committee

On behalf of the judges, Guo Guangjun led the judges to make a commitment to fairness.

Participating representative Li Xianglei spoke

Host Yan Weichao introduced the competition process

In the course of the competition, the contestants competed seriously, worked hard, were not arrogant or impetuous, showed their essence, spirit and spirit, and the competition showed a new look.

The skills competition is already the fifth in our company. Through the competition, technical experts from various positions have emerged. The technical experts come from the front line of work. The pragmatic rigor of the front line colleagues has forged our company's achievements and consolidated the company's development path. Skills have been experienced at work year after year, and breakthroughs have been made in competitions, which not only improves personal skills, but also promotes team capacity building.

Skills competition is an important way to select skilled coaches. After selecting the coaches, special cultivation of coaches will be carried out, so that coaches can acquire teaching ability and obtain breakthroughs in higher skills in the process of teaching. It has really promoted the company's team value of "learning to catch up with and surpass, and constantly breaking goals.