Warmly welcome the teachers and students of Henan Institute of Science and Technology to Ruige transmission company


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Warmly welcome the teachers and students of Henan Institute of Science and Technology to visit and study in Ruige transmission company


From June 3 to June 4, 2019, more than 200 teachers and students of Henan Institute of science and technology went to Henan Ruige Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. for understanding and learning, which laid a foundation for the deep integration of "school enterprise cooperation" and "industry university research" between schools and enterprises,it enhanced the communication and exchange between schools and enterprises. Let students personally understand the enterprise's demand standards for talents and the importance of skills,responsibilities and mobilize students' enthusiasm for learning mechanical technology.


The students are listening carefully to the company's introduction

Yao Yanxia director of Human Resources Department of Ruige transmission, introduced the nature, business scope, production projects and processes, operation mode and corporate culture of the enterprise to the teachers and students. Under the guidance the students enter the production area of the factory to understand the processing process of CNC machine tools, machining centers and intelligent production lines, the processing process of each process of products and the process of product testing. Through on-site observation and learning the students have personally felt the working environment of the enterprise, the culture and atmosphere of the enterprise, broadened their horizons, broadened their theoretical learning space, and had a deeper understanding of the production process of the enterprise.


This visit and study activity left a deep impression on the students, made them understand the good employment and development prospects in the market, and also made them have clearer goals and plans for their future career path. After the visit, the students expressed that they should cherish the learning opportunities at school, strive to lay a good foundation for theory and practical training, make full preparations for entering the enterprise in the future.