Launching ceremony of quality month


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September of each year is quality month. The theme of this year's "quality month" is "building a quality power and winning a comprehensive well-off society". In order to carry out the activity of "quality month" in depth, Ruige transmission organized the launching ceremony of "quality month" on 1st September 2020.

In order to conscientiously implement the major decisions of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on quality work, do a good job in the "six stability" work and the "six guarantee" task, Ruige transmission decided to carry out the second "quality month" activity of Henan Ruige transmission in combination with the actual situation of Ruige company, and practically do a good job in seeking development by quality, improving quality competitiveness, and pragmatic development, doing a good job in enterprise driving, and leading to income generation.


Chairman Wang Zhidong delivers a speech

Quality is the foundation for the survival of enterprises and quality is the lifeline of enterprises. The purpose of our service is to continuously improve product quality and make our customers more and more satisfied. Quality has a long way to go.


General manager Lu Enmu delivers a speech

Modern enterprises have reached the management stage of total quality management. Full participation and continuous improvement are the essence of enterprise development. Only looking forward can we look back.



Production department director Guo Guangjun led us to review the oath and take the oath

The production department is the direct Department of product state transformation and the direct participant of quality. I believe that under the leadership of minister Guo our quality achievements will be higher and higher.

The fate of the enterprise and our individual is in our own hands. To grasp the quality is to add bricks and tiles to the enterprise, to grasp oneself and the future. Every employee should regard the responsibility as Mount Tai, the product in the hand, the quality in the heart, the details in the pursuit of excellence, and the sincerity in every process. Let the idea that quality is the life of the enterprise be integrated into our work with the brain and heart, let the workpieces we process be lean, let time wear out the excellent quality, and let the enterprise be full of life and vitality on the road of sustainable development because of quality.