Ruige | The First Employee Skill Competition was a Complete Success


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In order to stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of all employees in learning knowledge and skills, and strive to create a good atmosphere of refining skills and dedication.The company held the Employee Skill Competition at the beginning of September.


This competition covers theoretical test and on-site practical test. On the competition field the contestants rushed into the competition against the clock, calmly responded to the competition which showed their exquisite technical level in the competition and displayed the spirit of "seeking truth, making progress, and fighting bravely".

Practical Test for Ordinary Gear Maker


The Skills Competition has greatly aroused the enthusiasm of all employees to learn knowledge and improve business skills. It will surely set off a learning upsurge of "Super than learn from to help" in the company.

Practical Test of Machining Center


Practical Test of CNC Lathe Operator


Practical Test for Gear Grinder


Among the contestants Wang Jikang, Wang Shuoyang, Gu Jikai, Hou Yangyang, Hua Hengtao, Gao Li and other contestants who are not in the competition posts but they also participate in the post competition actively. Moreover individual contestants have also achieved good results and proved that they are excellent.

Practical Test of CNC Gear Maker


Fitter Practice Test


Practical Test for Cylindrical Grinder


Testing Center


In the future we hope you can join the activities actively if the company holds similar competitions Pls believe in yourself, improve yourself, prove yourself, and climb the peak.

Congratulations on the successful conclusion of this competition in a tense and happy atmosphere!