Introduction of EV’s rear axle


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The EV rear axle refers to the rear axle which is used to support the wheels. The EV rear axle is a device connecting the rear wheels. If the vehicle is driven by the front axle the rear axle is just a follow-up axle which only plays a bearing role. If the front axle is not the drive axle the rear axle is the drive axle. At this time in addition to the load-bearing function it also plays the role of driving deceleration and differential speed.

The EV rear axle belongs to the technical field of vehicle application. It includes a rear axle housing formed with a housing cavity, a differential set in the housing cavity and carrying a large sprocket, a pair of left and right half shafts with one end respectively connected to the differential and the other end respectively fixed with left and right hubs. One end of the rear axle housing is narrowed and is configured with a pivot hole and the pedal sprocket receiving cavity.Since the rear axle can improve the adaptability of the electric tricycle to the road conditions, it has good operation control effect, stable and labor-saving driving. It is conducive to increasing safety so that the electric tricycle can improve the climbing ability and increase torque, save power, facilitate installation and processing and have economic practicability.