It was rated as "Specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprise in Henan Province; Jointly established "Henan gear manufacturing and equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance"
It was rated as "Advanced enterprise for innovation and development"; Awarded as "2019 strategic supplier"; Awarded as "2019 sincere partner"; Awarded as “Excellent supplier in 2019-2020”; ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system; Excellent exhibitor of the 6th China Changyuan international Lifting Equipment Expo; In order to fight against the new coronavirus, we have launched the production project of mask machine,we was awarded the "New coronavirus donation certificate", we was awarded the "New coronavirus donation common honor card"
Won "Excellent supplier"; It was rated as "Changyuan mayor’s Quality Award" and "Henan science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise"; it was rated as "National Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise"; ISO9001 quality management system; IATF 16949 quality management system; ISO14001 environmental management system; OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system; The company passed the review of "national high tech enterprise"; It was rated as "Henan manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship platform"; The company's products obtained the first (set) major technical equipment certification product in Henan Province; It was rated as an advanced unit of innovation driven transformation and development; It was rated as the "specialized, special and new" high-quality small and medium-sized enterprise cultivation and warehousing enterprise in Henan Province; It was rated as "Henan Province manufacturing and Internet integration development pilot demonstration project"
It was awarded "2017 strategic cooperation supplier"; The company signed a contract with Hunan Jingyi Transmission Research Institute to carry out the research and development of mechanical transmission system and the construction of technical system; It was rated as the "national level pilot enterprise for the implementation of the two integration management system"; It was rated as "Henan Province Science and technology small giant cultivation enterprise"; The company’s R & D center was awarded "Henan Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Henan Engineering R & D center"; The sealed electric vehicle gearbox + electric hoist lifting differential planetary reducer won the "Scientific and technological achievements of Henan Province"; It obtain the evaluation of the management system of integration of industrialization and industrialization; It was rated as the 2018-2020 robot workstation application demonstration unit of Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd; It was rated as "third level enterprise of safety production standardization" and obtained the honorary certificate of "Charity enterprise for donation and education"
It was rated as "2016 outstanding enterprise in transformation and upgrading"; It was awarded the "Science and Technology Progress Award" and the "2-in-1 electric vehicle gearbox", It was awarded the Changyuan county science and Technology Progress Award; It was rated as "Henan intelligent factory"; It was rated as the "Pilot enterprise of implementing the standard of the integration management system of two modernizations in Henan Province"; It was rated as "Henan Internet of things demonstration platform"; It was rated as "Excellent supplier" by customers
Through the review of "National high-tech enterprise", it was rated as "Henan science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise", won the certificate of Henan science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise, it was rated as "high-tech enterprise". It signed an agreement with Hunan University of technology to explore the cooperation between industry, University and research.
It plans to invest 550 million yuan to build "Henan Ruige Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd."
Xinxiang Dongtai Gear Co., Ltd. was renamed "Henan Dongtai Gear Co., Ltd.".
Top 10 famous brands of Chinese gear
The national product quality supervision and spot check are qualified;
It was rated as "National consumer satisfaction Enterprise in quality service ";
Officially registered "Xinxiang Dongtai Gear Co., Ltd."
Started to produce gears in the family workshop of western Wanglou; It was called Wanglou gear at that time.