Type 192 transmission group

The friction drive that transmits power and motion by the friction between the parts, including belt drive, rope drive and friction wheel drive, etc.


It can be mainly divided into two categories: ① Friction transmission which transmits power and motion by friction between parts, including belt transmission, rope transmission and friction wheel transmission. Friction transmission is easy to achieve stepless speed change, and it can mostly adapt to transmission occasions with large shaft spacing. Overload slippage can also play the role of buffering and protecting the transmission device, but this type of transmission can not generally be used in high-power occasions, nor can it guarantee accuracy. transmission ratio. ② The meshing transmission that transmits power or motion by the meshing of the driving part and the driven part or the meshing of the intermediate part, including gear transmission, chain transmission, screw transmission and harmonic transmission, etc. Mesh transmission can be used in high-power applications, and the transmission is relatively accurate, but generally requires higher manufacturing and installation accuracy.

Basic product categories: Couplings, ② Continuously Variable Transmission, ③ Lead Screws, ④ Slide Rails, etc.

②Continuously variable speed technology

It adopts the combination of the transmission belt and the main and driven wheels with variable working diameter to transmit power, which can realize the continuous change of the transmission ratio, so as to obtain a good match between the transmission system and the engine operating conditions. Common continuously variable transmissions include hydromechanical continuously variable transmission and metal belt continuously variable transmission (VDT-CVT). Audi, Nissan (Teena, Sylphy, Qashqai) can be seen in the domestic market and adopt this technology. ), Palio (Sienna, Weekend Style), Fit (only for older models), MG 3SW, Cowin and other models.

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